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Grace Garner, Brodee Ripple and Austin Bigelow of Acting Up, at the Evening of Stars

Episode 4: 
SCERA Evening of Stars

On this episode, go with us to SCERA's Evening of Stars, and meet this year's SCERA Star Awards winners. We'll show you why this evening is so very significant to us, and we'll talk about why the arts need our support, and what this does for the community.

Hosts: Quin Swallow, Rachael Gibson, Chance Richter, Kelsey Mariner and Jake Thompson 

Guests: SCERA's 2017 Star Awards Winners Alex Boyé, Sara Lee Gibb, Christopher Clark, Mark Philbrick, Marden Pond, BYU Cougarettes (Jodi Maxfield, Director), NuSkin (Gary Garrett), Heritage School (Jerry Spanos), Shari Woodwoard (Springfield Art Museum)

Also Adam Robertson (President, SCERA) Todd Leonard (UVU School of Culinary Arts), Mark Pulham (SCERA Evening of Stars Master of Ceremonies)


    Kathryn Little and Brodee Ripple of SYT / Acting Up! (left)

    Kelsey Mariner and Jake Thompson of SCERA Spotlight (right)

    Episode 3: 
    SCERA Youth Theater is OK!

    As SCERA Youth Theatre's Acting Up players prepare for their production of Oklahoma!, we'll meet their director Kathryn Little, and her assistant and choreographer Brodee Ripple. We also welcome two hilarious new hosts, Kelsey Mariner and Jake Thompson ... And we talk about our wish list of  stories that would make great new plays or musicals!

    Hosts: Quin Swallow, Rachael Gibson, Chance Richter, Kelsey Mariner and Jake Thompson (Drey has this episode off for his birthday.)

    Guests: Kathryn Little and Acting Up

    Episode poster image: Kathryn Little and Brodee Ripple (left), Kelsey Mariner and Jake Thompson (right)


    From left: Quin Swallow, Rachael Gibson and LDS Film Festival's Christian Vuissa

    Episode 2: 
    Movies, Musicals and Mormons: Oh my!

    In this episode, we preview this year's LDS Film Festival (March 1-4 at the SCERA Center for the Arts) with founder and president Christian Vuissa. We also discuss news from the film and stage world: The Lion King is getting a live action remake for film, and Newsies fans get to enjoy the stage version on screen. Good ideas? We'll tell you what we think ... And what do you think? Listener Mail lets you talk back!

    From left: Kelly Coombs, David Paul Smith, Chase Ramsey

    Episode 1:
    Alice in Wonderland

    This episode features an interview with Chase Ramsey and David Paul Smith, the creators of Alice in Wonderland, a new SCERA musical play for young audiences. They are joined by Kelly Coombs, who plays Alice in the show. Also, we'll discuss the recently announced musical lineup for the 2017 SCERA Shell season.

    Hosts: Quin Swallow, Rachael Gibson, Drey Means and Chance Richter

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     Our introductory episode:

    Introduction: Welcome to the SCERA Spotlight Podcast

    Meet the hosts; Learn how to take SCERA Spotlight with you on the go

    Hosts (pictured left, from left): Drey Means, Rachaehl Gibson, Chance Richter and Quin Swallow


    SCERA evens and programs are funded in part by the City of Orem CARE Program.